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As Far As Jistabout Rygo Quinlan

As Far As Jistabout

Rygo Quinlan

Published June 24th 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Royal House of Dalvad rules 21st century Britain. Society consists of the upper classes and the cloddish hailfellas and over immense stretches of the land, which has a Victorian atmosphere in many ways, forests still exist, full of wolves, bears and jallocks.Lester, Gus and Simon the Curate have been brought from Elizabeth IIs Britain to this one by Lino Franter. Lino is on the trail of Farris Cable, whom he has been pursuing for more than one lifetime.Lester is befriended by a member of the street gang Crusoes Cougars who have got onto intimate terms with Prince Dion Dalvad. Dions father is King Leonard VIII. The Cougars are virtually at war with a ruthless anti-monarchist army of thugs and bureaucrats known as Integ.Gus has found a girlfriend: Mitzi, a family friend of Cameron Fitch, a Forest Ranger and sworn enemy of all King Haters.In the midst of the as yet undeclared English civil war Ranger Fitch and his wife are slaughtered by Integ thugs, while Lino, Gus, Mitzi and Simon fly to Forbes in Scotland. Many of the Royalists are gathering there.Lino returns to England and infiltrates a prison in Hythe (the capital city) where Integ are holding Lester. Cable is using Lester as bait. Lino knows this, nevertheless he hopes to get his hands around the throat of Cable at last.